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Welcome to Wynnewood Blues Cattery!

We are a small, home based cattery located in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia.  We breed hypoallergenic Russian Blue kittens, known for their playfulness and intelligence.  We currently have only two queens. Our cats are incredibly well cared for and beloved, and our  kittens are well socialized.  We do not show our cats thus not exposing them to germs and diseases that can be fatal.  We began our home breeding program to bring people loving and adorable hypoallergenic cats to add to their homes and families.

  • Our cats are hypoallergenic
  • We belong to the TICA (The International Cat Association)
  • Our cats are listed in the PawPeds online pedigree database
  • Our cats are micro-chipped before you pick them up, so you’ll be able to identify them easily.

We will have new kittens in March of 2017, they are all taken at this point in time.

You still can apply for a kitten, your heart’s desire, and will be put on our waiting list.


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If you are interested in a kitten, please fill out an application and we will get back to you.