• Large, rounded, wide-set vivid Green eyes
  • A thick, short-double coat. The first coat consists of the longer guard hairs. The second is the undercoat, which is very soft. These give the Russian Blues coat its unique feel. Looked at closely, these fine hairs appear wavy. The dense coat stands out from the body, and you can draw patterns in the coat that will stay there until you smooth them out again, like velvet coat.
  • Solid blue- all over, with just the tips of the guard hairs being silver.  This produces a shimmering effect as the coat reflects light. Random bred blue cats will lack this tipping. They be a flat blue. Russian Blues have no white or other color markings whatsoever, except for the occasional white locket on the throat, which is considered a disqualification from competition – though does not make the cat any less loving. Tabby striping or ring-marks on the tail also disqualify from competition. Often kittens have these rings but they fade within a year.
  • Mauve footpads. Most domestic blue cats have slate gray pads
  • Facial expression is the bright ‘Mona Lisa’ smile
  • The head is wedge shaped with flat profiles, statuesque. Ears are large and wide at the base. The body of the Russian Blue is medium-sized, fine-boned, lithe, and firmly muscled. The cats have sharp lines and graceful appearances, and they often seem to pose to show themselves off to an advantage.