Our Queens


Our Queens

BlueMews Tsarina Kittu


Tsarina (BlueMews Tsarina Kittu – click here for pedigree) came to us at 11 weeks from Brad Kardux at BlueMews Cattery in Wyncote, PA.  Tsarina comes from a long line of Grand Champion, Regional Winner and National Winner bloodlines.

              She is very affectionate – loving to climb on our shoulders and follow us around the house so that she can ‘help’ with laundry, homework, making dinner, etc. She also likes to play with the dog and to walk outside on her harness and leash.

She is an excellent mouser. We haven’t seen a mouse since shortly after she came. While at Brad’s for stud, she caught several mice.

We look forward to many more years with Tsarina as friend and companion.


Unique Lavita Ddi Marchesi

In 2011 Unique or Nika (Unique Lavita Ddi Marchesi- click here for pedigree) became part of our family at the age of three months from Sasha Marchesi from Zurich, Switzerland.

Unique is a graceful cat in the European style also from a long line of national and international European winners

She is a very extroverted cat, loves to play and chase and pounce on moving objects, she loves company and wants to be in the middle of everything. She is also very snuggly and will curl under the blankets with you or climb up your legs so you will hold her and pet her. She will purr up a storm and loves our dog, she tries to get him to pet her on a regular basis.

Unique was bred the first time in late August 2012. She was bred to ‘Stoli’ (Izmaylovo Park Cattery’s Stoli).  Their combined petigree is here.


mecha face

Wynnewood Blues Princess Misha

 Our Pink Kitten

Our Pink Kitten

Born in 2014, Misha (Wynnewood Blues Princess Misha- click here for pedigree) was our first queen from our very own cattery. Her mother is Unique and her father is Stoli. She is very precious to us.

With an elegant head and a slim physique, she is exquisite. She has beautiful light silver tipping and a soft coat, and is altogether an incredibly gorgeous cat.

Misha is a very personable cat and often insists on snuggling with us under the covers. She gets along well with her mother and they often lay next to each other to sleep. She is quite the attention hog, and often will rub herself against our legs and meow plaintively for us to pick her up.

Misha was bred for the first time in late 2015 to Onyx (Champion Onyx of Happy Song). Their combined pedigree is here.


All of our queens are very special cats.

Misha on Right

Misha on Right