Our Story


Our Story (written by Rob, April 2010)
Growing up in New Jersey and Massachusetts, my wife and I both had cats as house pets. After we got married, we moved to the greater Philadelphia area.  We got two cats shortly after, in addition to our dog.

Sophia, the youngest of our five children, was born a few years after we acquired the cats. For the first time we had someone with cat allergies in the household. For a time we had to make every effort to keep the cats out of her room at all times, and she could not snuggle with them. We also had close friends who were sometimes bothered by allergies while visiting our house.
Two years ago, both Kiki and Puzzy left us at the old age of 14. We had decided not to get another cat in order to spare Sophie and other cat-allergic folks who came to our house.

Now, we live in an 80 year old house. It’s beautiful, but hardly airtight. After several weeks of having no cats, we developed a problem with mice. Many mice. We couldn’t trap them all, and we could not find all the points of entry to block them out. With a dog in the house, rat poison wasn’t a possibility.

The situation came to a head one night at 2 am. Kimberly couldn’t sleep and went down stairs, saw a mouse in the dining room. She promptly screamed, “Eeeek!” Realizing that nobody heard her, she went and screeched by my bed, so I could share in the experience. After a futile attempt to catch the mouse, we started a search for a solution to the problem – we needed to get cats that wouldn’t bother Sophie’s allergies.
Several hours on the Internet yielded some interesting information. There is one company that claims to produce ‘hypo-allergenic’ house pets. They are extremely expensive, and the company has a number of BBB complaints.
There are two breeds that naturally make significantlyless allergens than other cats (see About Russian Blues): the Siberian and the Russian Blue.
Siberians are beautiful, but are very large and triple coated (which leads to shedding all over the place). Russian Blues, on the other hand, are relatively small short-coated cats. I also have always liked the ‘blue’ color in cats. So we started our search for a Russian Blue kitten. It took several weeks, till we met and brought Tsarina, our new cat, home in February of 2009.
We immediately fell in love. Tsarina is sweet tempered and playful, not incredibly demanding, and absolutely beautiful. She likes to climb up on our shoulders and ride around, or play with the dog. Sophie doesn’t react to her at all, nor have our friends visiting our home. Mice are gone. We are sold on Russian Blues.
We had never intended to become breeders. However, the difficulty we had in finding a cat shows us that there is a void to fill here. So here we are, a year later, with our first litter of Russian Blue kittens, and the beginnings of plans for a breeding program.
Thank you for looking and feel free to contact us any time with any questions you might have.